Whipper Willow (Demo)

from by Hemlock Smith

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This song was finished very recently and is a collaboration with our new guitar player Mathieu Evéquoz. The words came to me when I saw a documentary about people living in the South of the USA, who still can't really swallow the hard truth that the Confederate states lost the civil war back in the 19th century. How can you not move on 150 years later? How can you still be angry at that? Well, I think because their actions were founded on the profound belief that the white race is superior to all others. Again, it all seems so "happening" in these new times. But the old lady in the song also says that we have to continue living our lives, as should we. A glimmer of hope, maybe? I recorded this very late in the evening on my battered piano. It's not a 150 years old, but it sure sounds like that;)))


Whipper Willow

Whipper Willow’s the name
On the 4th of July
On the porch, all the same
The year Beauregard died
Down in old New Orleans
They forgot about the war
Offering gumbo and beans
Just the same as before

Whipper Willow, oh Whipper Whillow
Whipper Willow, oh Whipper Whillow
Carry on…

Whipper Willow she heard
From the woods, near the lawn
Ole Whippoorwill bird
Sing his song before dawn
Louisiana survives
The whole world and the flood
Damp trees touch the skies
It’s in our blood

Whipper Willow, oh Whipper Whillow
Whipper Willow, oh Whipper Whillow
Whipper Willow, oh Whipper Whillow
Carry on…


from Medusa EP, released September 17, 2019
written by Michael Frei and Mathieu Evéquoz.
recorded at home.

The players:
Michael Frei: Vocals, Piano, MicroKorg, Laptop
Mathieu Evéquoz: Guitar


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Hemlock Smith Lausanne, Switzerland

Hemlock Smith come from Lausanne (Switzerland). Since 2002, they’ve released 6 regular albums with intelligent pop, as well as 2 soundtracks for silent film and 2 collaborations with Noise duo Les Poissons Autistes. Fronted by singer-songwriter Michael Frei, Hemlock Smith's distinctive voice is complemented by the ambient guitar playing of Fred Merk and the delicate piano work of Emilie Roulet. ... more

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